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I promise not to forget what it’s like

I haven’t blogged in quite sometime. I wrote a few little things here and there, but nothing really from the heart. To be honest, I was happy to walk away from it. To pretend this blog didn’t exist, pretend I … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Bravo TV’s newest show Married to Medicine

OK, I can’t keep it in any longer. Did anyone else watch Bravo TV’s newest reality show, Married to Medicine? Can I just say….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Reality? Not so much. Entertaining? Possibly. It’s so unrealistic, so scripted, it … Continue reading

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I’m OK…really, I am.

By the comments and emails I received after my post last week {the one on the big D}, I realized two things: 1) How awesome you all areĀ {but I kinda already knew that}… and 2) I may have freaked some … Continue reading

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yeah yeah yeah, Happy New Year to you too.

I don’t like New Year’s. Or is it Years? Whatever. It’s just a another day, people. Big whoop. Sure it’s fun to stay up late (for those of you who typically go to bed early), blow your horns, cheer, throw … Continue reading

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How blogging saved my life {Part 2}

So, remember when I told you about Jeanne Oliver? You know, one of the first two blogs I ever read? Well, I want to tell you about the other one. The Inspired Room blog by Melissa Michaels Who knew that … Continue reading

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