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yeah yeah yeah, Happy New Year to you too.

I don’t like New Year’s. Or is it Years? Whatever. It’s just a another day, people. Big whoop. Sure it’s fun to stay up late (for those of you who typically go to bed early), blow your horns, cheer, throw … Continue reading

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The time I tried to write like Ann Voskamp

So last night as I was writing my little post about long distance relationships, my friend texted and asked if I was familiar with Ann Voskamp. Why yes, yes I am. We discussed the style of her writing and how … Continue reading

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#iwantmypantiesback {my day in hashtags}

Remember a while ago when I wrote about how I lost my big girl panties? But then I said I was ok with it and didn’t think I needed them as long as…. how did I put it…oh right, “as … Continue reading

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