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10 things I learned when I stopped blogging

I was going through my blog drafts and found this one I wrote in early November. I guess it’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately too. *** I like to think that I can “fake it” when I am … Continue reading

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Some {un}important stuff I want to tell you

So even though I dropped off the fact of the earth stopped blogging for a month, by no means did the random thoughts in my head ever cease. Lucky you, I kinda remember some of those oh-important-thoughts I wanted to share… … Continue reading

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The time I tried to write like Ann Voskamp

So last night as I was writing my little post about long distance relationships, my friend texted and asked if I was familiar with Ann Voskamp. Why yes, yes I am. We discussed the style of her writing and how … Continue reading

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Brain Dump: topic ideas, a blog hop & a pet coyote {my ADD is acting up again}

I have found I really love spewing out words onto the computer screen. Or, as some call it…writing. Or blogging. This little place on cyber space has been great. It clears my mind and I can sleep better at night. … Continue reading

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