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my poor pill popping skills

Some say doctor’s make the worst patients. Well, I beg to differ. I think maybe doctor’s wives do. OK, maybe that’s just the case for moi. Well hold on a second…. It’s not so much the going to see the … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Bravo TV’s newest show Married to Medicine

OK, I can’t keep it in any longer. Did anyone else watch Bravo TV’s newest reality show, Married to Medicine? Can I just say….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Reality? Not so much. Entertaining? Possibly. It’s so unrealistic, so scripted, it … Continue reading

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Why you should start blogging

For some strange reason, I always think of myself as a 22 year old. Not that I’m anything close to what I was at 22 (especially in the lbs department).  I am always thinking that everyone else has more experience, … Continue reading

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Interns and Residents and Fellows…oh my!

When we first started on this medical journey 12 years ago, neither one of us understood the medical lingo. We didn’t know what an intern was and had absolutely no clue what a fellow was. When asked what my husband … Continue reading

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When there are no answers

I’m tired of being introduced and then immediately it’s followed by our living/working situation. “This is Amber. And her husband is working 3 hours away during the week.” “Oh no. That’s got to be so hard on you,” is usually … Continue reading

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