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I’m OK…really, I am.

By the comments and emails I received after my post last week {the one on the big D}, I realized two things: 1) How awesome you all areĀ {but I kinda already knew that}… and 2) I may have freaked some … Continue reading

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Back To {Blogging} Basics

What is blogging anyway? Just writing, right? Well, since October I feel like I’ve gotten so caught up in the other “stuff” of blogging (strategy and the business schmisiness side of blogging). I focused on numbers (page views & followers) … Continue reading

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some days like today {and the promise of tomorrow}

Some days I wake up refreshed and happy. Some days I am showered and dressed before my kids get out of bed. Some days I am energized and feel like I can conquer the world. Some days I have vision … Continue reading

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When there are no answers

I’m tired of being introduced and then immediately it’s followed by our living/working situation. “This is Amber. And her husband is working 3 hours away during the week.” “Oh no. That’s got to be so hard on you,” is usually … Continue reading

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#iwantmypantiesback {my day in hashtags}

Remember a while ago when I wrote about how I lost my big girl panties? But then I said I was ok with it and didn’t think I needed them as long as…. how did I put it…oh right, “as … Continue reading

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