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I don’t want to move.

We’re “supposed to” move next weekend. I say “supposed to” because I have done absolutely nothing to start this process. Like nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. I woke up today (after a stupid sleepless night) and reality hit. Not the reality … Continue reading

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Sweet Home Alabama?

It’s official. The contract is signed. We’re moving to Alabama. Never ever ever did I think that would be my home. Yeah, the song is catchy and the movie is sweet, but to actually reside there? To be honest, this … Continue reading

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From Washington to Alabama {The Flags of My Life revisited}

I first posted this about six months ago. After having a conversation with my husband today, it came to mind. Here ya go. Enjoy…. ***** In 1991 Washington state celebrated it’s bi-centennial.  It was a fabulous year for the state … Continue reading

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