I ain’t no quitter… at least not this week

I kind of can’t believe it. Do you realize that I have posted 7 times this week?

I’ll be honest… I’m a little impressed with myself. Okay, a lot impressed with myself.

I once had to fill out a get-to-know you form for something (clearly, it was really important), and it had that what-3-words-would-you-use-to-describe-yourself junk. So, I asked my oldest daughter to answer for me.

She said, “You’re funny, creative, and I don’t know the word for it, but you come up with really great ideas but never actually do them.” Awesome. I told her we call that a, um, a dreamer… yeah, a dreamer, right?

So you can see why this is quite a big deal. I have actually followed through with posting every day. The only other things I haven’t quit on is my marriage and my kids…well, at least most days. Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there are still 24 days left. Oh boy.

But I’ll tell you what. I forgot how it feels to write. How therapeutic it is. How this little blog can create connection, something I’ve been missing for a long time. Yes, it scares me every time I hit publish on a post, but it’s so worth it. I hope I don’t forget that. Thanks for hanging out with me here.

And here’s to 24 more days of this!



Peace out my friends…


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Death to the inbox

For the record, I DO NOT like email. At all.

I open up my inbox with 673 emails and either want to

a) run and hid like this:

hiding out


b) turn into crazy lady version of the incredible hulk like this:



I get it. It saves paper. It’s a quick way to communicate. But man, I’m drowning in it. I’m not a super organized person in the first place and have no electronic mail filing system set up. Archive, star, delete. Forget it.

I even set up a different account for all things school related. But those ones come flying at me at lightening speed. The worst is when they attach a form needing to be turned in that I am supposed to print. 

And don’t even get me started about checking email on my phone. Worst idea ever. I look at it, reply back in my head, and forget about it forevermore.

So if you’ve ever emailed me and I didn’t reply back, I want you to know…

1) I most likely read it,

2) had every intention of replying (and probably composed a lovely response in my head),

3) but it died by suffocation from all the other emails that came after it.

Am I the only one with email anxiety? <– yes, that’s a thing, or at least it is now.

Love you all…as long as you don’t email me ;)


P.S. But in all seriousness, I do want to sincerely apologize to those of you who have emailed me questions about med school/residency, relationships, parenting, depression. I know it’s not always easy emailing a stranger and I want to say thank you for sharing and trusting me. I will work hard on answering those soon. I promise. I’ll just have to find my anti-email-anxiety medication first :)
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showing up.



And here’s the caption I wrote on Instagram for this picture:

It’s no secret mornings are hard for me. And not just sometimes hard. Like, all. the. time. hard. I can’t escape them. I tried. They just show up, uninvited, every day. Because apparently, that’s what mornings are supposed to do.

Because when you’ve got kids, or a job, or you live in this world that functions during the day, you have to face this absurd morning thing. So here I am. Showing up. Because that’s all I can do somedays. I hope you show up too.

You guys.

After I posted yesterday, I kinda wanted to hide in a hole.

Blogging is scary for me. It makes me feel very vulnerable and afraid. I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t like it when people tell  me they read my blog. Today one of my daughter’s friend told me her mom read my blog. Yikes! I really wanted to hide in a hole then.

But it’s okay. I have to get used to it. If this is something I want to keep doing. And I do. Because I’m remembering why I started blogging in the first place. And I promised to post every day this month. So here I am, just showing up. (I hope you show up too.)

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My Beautiful, Flawless, Lovely Self {the birth story of the mop}

So, here’s the story of how this bed head ridiculousness all began.

It was two years ago and I was quite new to Instagram. I thought it was fun. I loved all the filters, and especially, all the frames. Yeah, I know.

I can’t even tell you who I was following, but I started noticing this thing that people did…

People taking pictures of themselves. (this is way before I knew what a selfie was)

Beautiful, flawless, lovely pictures.

And for the caption there would be a quote of some sort. Or maybe no caption. Or maybe a caption that had nothing to do with the picture of their beautiful, flawless, lovely self. But this isn’t about the captions…I get distracted. Sorry.

Any way, where were we? Oh yes, beautiful, flawless, lovely pictures. And I thought to myself….

Heh. I bet you don’t look like that when you first wake up. 

You have to understand that at this time, I had recently come out of years of awesome depression. And by awesome, I mean – it totally sucked.

For years I had been on the hampster wheel of life. I had been treading just to keep my head above the water for way too long.  But you know what eventually happens when you can’t tread anymore?

You sink.

So, I sank.

But then I was thrown a life preserver.

And I saw life differently. I saw all the masks we wear. I saw how so many people were really afraid, or hurt, or struggling. And I couldn’t see anyone acknowledging these things.

I craved authenticity. I wanted real. I had been trying for so long to keep my big girl panties on and had finally thrown in the towel. Because pretending like everything is fine when it isn’t….is not okay. Okay? It’s just not.

I wasn’t into this picture perfect Instagram world anymore. And so that morning while laying in bed scrolling through my picture perfect Instagram feed, and saying I bet you don’t look like that when you first wake up. I then said…


This wasn’t said to be snarky or rude. It was more out of a desperation to show other people they don’t have to be picture perfect. I’m sure that was pretty effective to my ginormous following of two. But hey, gotta start somewhere.

All that to say, I posted this picture of my beautiful, flawless, lovely self:



And so started #mymorningmop, to show everyone, you’re beautiful, flawless, lovely self is perfect just the way it is. Bed head and all.

Love you crazies!


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Why I’ve been posting pictures of my bed head

In case you’ve been wondering why all of the sudden, I started blogging again, but only with pictures of my (fantastic) hair-dos… it’s because it’s my poor attempt to start writing again.

Pathetic, I know. You can read more about that here.

But hey, at least I’m trying.

So if this shows up in your inbox and you’re like, um…no, then please unsubscribe. (because I’ll be posting one every day this month.)

But if you’re like, yes! this is awesome! or, she’s such an weirdo but I think it’s funny! then subscribe on the blog (upper right hand sidebar) and I’ll be popping up in your inbox every day with a new bed head selfie. Just what you’ve always wanted. You’re welcome.

And honestly, my hope is that posting pictures every day will encourage me to actually write more than a few sentences. That is my hope. Not my promise :)


here’s day three of #mymorningmop:



I think I’ll call this one Alfalfa. What do you think?

Love you always and forever,


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