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3 things to avoid if you don’t want to pee your pants

Last week, we had a few accidents. Three to be exact. And I guess I shouldn’t say we….cause it was me….not my kids. (Did I really just admit that?) Sometimes I forget the fact I have pushed four children out … Continue reading

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Sunday Confession: 8 words I can’t stand hearing in church

I’ve grown up going to church all my life. I have been to many different churches, different denominations, different worship styles. With all the differences, most of them follow the same “program” each Sunday morning. First, (if you are on … Continue reading

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Cocks and Trojans

I received a sweet email from a girl tonight and in it she told me her boyfriend was in medical school at USC. Well, that’s cool. But, um, I still really have no idea what medical school he goes to. … Continue reading

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shutting up the crickets {alternative title: how easily I cry}

It’s been quiet around here, yeah? Have you been enjoying the crickets? Don’t worry, I am alive…in case you were wondering. They’ll shut up soon. So where have I been? Well, this move has brought some changes and challenges. And … Continue reading

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Pitch Perfect is Aca-awesome

Have you seen this movie? If not, you need to. It’s aca-mazing. I saw it when it was in the theater and now I’ve seen it 368 times since Christmas. True story. On Monday, after celebrating¬†my birthday¬†with the kids and … Continue reading

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