31days of #mymorningmop

For 2 years I tried to participate in The Nester’s write for 31 days challenge…key word, tried. But I failed miserably. Like, I only ever made it to day 3.

Well, I haven’t really blogged in over a year. Maybe 3 posts this year, so my hope is that this kind of kicks me into gear and I start writing again.

But knowing my past history with starting things and then failing, I knew it had to be something easy. Something really easy. Something that really didn’t take any prep time.

Pictures. Yes, pictures. I could post a picture every day for 31 days. That counts right? Maybe if I feel so inclined, I can actually write something to accompany the picture.

This will maybe help ease back into a writing habit. Just showing up every day at my blog. Yes, this might do the trick.

For the last few years, I have taken pictures of myself on Instagram first thing in the morning. Crazy bed head, no make up, all natural baby. I made up the hashtag #mymorningmop.

So that is what I will post for you for 31 days. Maybe I’ll even tell the story of why I started doing it or what I’ve learned from it or maybe it will just be the picture. Follow along if you’d like by subscribing to this blog or follow along on Instagram @amberzaccagni.

Hope you enjoy:


Day 1: missed it

Day 2: missed it again

Day 3: Hallelujer…we made it

Day 4: rise and shine

Day 5: Why I’ve been posting pictures of my bed head

Day 6: My Beautiful, Flawless, Lovely Self {the birth story of the mop}

Day 7: showing up.

Day 8: Death to the inbox

Day 9:

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