Why I’ve been posting pictures of my bed head

In case you’ve been wondering why all of the sudden, I started blogging again, but only with pictures of my (fantastic) hair-dos… it’s because it’s my poor attempt to start writing again.

Pathetic, I know. You can read more about that here.

But hey, at least I’m trying.

So if this shows up in your inbox and you’re like, um…no, then please unsubscribe. (because I’ll be posting one every day this month.)

But if you’re like, yes! this is awesome! or, she’s such an weirdo but I think it’s funny! then subscribe on the blog (upper right hand sidebar) and I’ll be popping up in your inbox every day with a new bed head selfie. Just what you’ve always wanted. You’re welcome.

And honestly, my hope is that posting pictures every day will encourage me to actually write more than a few sentences. That is my hope. Not my promise :)


here’s day three of #mymorningmop:



I think I’ll call this one Alfalfa. What do you think?

Love you always and forever,


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One Response to Why I’ve been posting pictures of my bed head

  1. Peggy says:

    I commend you! At you least you are putting yourself out there and trying! I haven’t posted since March and only feel twinges of guilt. Yep no goodbyes, no nothing. I keep saying I might go back but really its been a love-hate relationship for so long that it go to be a case of what’s the point… most of my followers are gone and I don’t really like the blog. Ok to be honest I can’t stand the look of my blog and am terrible at remembering to take pictures when I do things. So for now I’ll rely on IG for a while longer and continue to enjoy what I do even if it sin’t being shared by the entire world or the 3 people who were faithful in following along this entire journey. :-)
    I love your “mop”, by the way! It has personality! Have a lovely week and I’m looking forward to seeing you daily!

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