hi. it’s been a while.

What? A blog post after what, 7 months of silence?

I know. You’ve missed me and I’ve missed you and yada yada yada. Or maybe you didn’t miss me, but just shhh…keep it to yourself. We’ll just pretend.

So why am I showing up here on the interwebs again after all that time? Well, it’s simple: it’s 2am & I can’t sleep. I’m in a hotel room with 5 other people, four of them in sleeping bags on the floor. I’ve been tossing and turning and trying to ignore the snoring. I don’t have a book and I can’t watch anything after binge-watching Netflix…I had to stop cold turkey, there is no hope for me people. I blame Olivia Pope, Frank Underwood, and Jenny Lee. So there isn’t anything else for me to do but write.

So here I am. In the hotel lobby at 2:04 a.m.

I’ve thought about blogging again, many times, but then I never do. Starting is always the hardest part. I’ve probably written 500 posts in my head, but never put it to the keyboard. Well, here I am folks. Typing away in Atlanta, GA. Which by the way, had the most awesome beautiful sky tonight. We were eating at BurgerFi (holy cow! so good!) and out of the blue (literally) a big dark cloud rolled over and thundered and lightened and poured like crazy. I do love that about the south. Summer storms. Anyway, as the rain cleared, this appeared….

{insert pretty purple-y and pink sky picture, but computer isn’t downloading it so use your best imagination.} or go check my Instagram

I mean, right??!!!!

The picture doesn’t do it justice {remember, we’re pretending it’s there}. The rainbow was breathtaking and there was a faint one just above it. Everyone came out of the restaurant and whipped out their phones and snapped a pic. Then we all hustled back in to finish our trivia game.

Yes, you heard right. Trivia & burgers. i guess that’s a thing they do there on Thursday nights. I wasn’t going to participate in such silly games, but when the DJ said there were 3 prizes and only 2 teams were playing and all you had to do was be a breathing body and you’d win, I was all about trivia.

So Hayden and the kids and I all rallied together and named ourselves Team Zucchini, because, well, we just weren’t that creative. And let’s be honest, everyone thinks that’s our last name anyway.

Round one we finished strong… in third place. We missed one question.

Round two we finished… in third place. We missed two questions.

Round three we barely made it… in third place. I think we got one answer right.

Round four I stopped turning in our answers. We finished… in third place. But hey – $15 gift card to BurgerFi. Guess where we’re having lunch tomorrow?

I really did think we had a chance at second place when after round two, one of the questions we missed was “Who was the first person to break the sound barrier?” We wrote Maverick and thought we might get a little credit for the creativity. But no. Neither did our answer to “Name the largest bird in Northern America?” Big Bird, duh.

There really isn’t anything that makes you feel more stupid than trivia when everyone else seems to know the answers. C’mon though… can you tell me what form of currency Austria used before the euro? Or the type of alphabet used in russia & slovic countries? Or the name of the current leader of the Islamic nation? If you know any of these, then bravo to you… but at least Hayden didn’t know them either so I didn’t feel so bad. Now, if it were pop culture trivia…I would have beat out those other two teams hands down. Because clearly I keep up on the important facts of life.

Well my friends, I think I should go to bed now. This was fun. I kinda forgot how fun writing can be. But I won’t make any promises that I’ll do it again, because we know the second I promise something, I kill any chance of following through. So… until next time my friends….

Peace out.



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4 Responses to hi. it’s been a while.

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  2. Jane says:

    Hi! Of course you have been missed:-) Doesn’t matter how long it is, it is always nice to see you show up on the feed. I am with you, I love a good thunder storm and rain.
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  3. Cheryl says:

    I have noticed and missed your writings. You wrote a column about greeting people in church and that rang so true for me that I’ve never forgotten it. You’re like a long, lost friend who suddenly calls out of the blue! Oh, and always remember, “Jesus wept” for Trivia. It’s the shortest verse in the Bible.

  4. Sally Peterson says:

    I totally would have given you creativity points. Those answers are amazing. Way to go Team Zucchini.

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