In The Closet For A Good Cause

I decided that a way to make my 31 day blogging thing a little easier (cause you know I’m all about doing the least amount required), I would take a daily picture of what I’m wearing.

Side note: Did you know that this is called a “selfie”? Yes, the whole taking-a-picture-of-yourself thing. It’s called a selfie. Which, first of all, I think is the dumbest word ever and second, I want you to know that I do not enjoy doing this. I’d rather look like an idiot with my morning bedhead than take a for reals picture of myself and what I’m wearing. But it’s for a good cause, so I’ll suck it up.

Anyway, the reason I’m going to take these daily pictures…or “selfies” is so:

  1. You’ll see what “conscience” clothes I currently own.
  2. You will learn about the companies & non-profits I am “wearing” that day.
  3. You’ll realize that everything else I own I got at Target, Old Navy, or Costco
  4. You will see how often I wear the exact same thing.
  5. Like 4 or 5 days in a row.
  6. I might start to gross you out.
  7. Sorry.
  8. You will see that even though I hardly have anything in my closet, it is still messy.
  9. And like it or not, you will see my shining (or shiny) face every. single. day.
  10. That’s all.

So let’s get to it…

aWEARness Project Daily Selfie - Day 1

aWEARness Project Daily Selfie – Day 1
I like how I’m acting all cool and model-ish with my hand just hanging in the pocket.

The necklace is from Beautiful & Beloved. My friend, Amber, (great name, right?) opened up an this online boutique that carries products made from survivors of human trafficking. You can find jewelry, clothes, purses, scarves, and my favorite Elephanta Necklace.

The tank top is from Sevenly the week it supported Feed My Starving Children. Sevenly is a company who raise funds each week for a different non-profit. They do this by designing a custom graphic for that cause and sell different shirts, tanks, sweatshirts with that custom design for the next 7 days. So if you don’t buy it that week, it’s forever gone. $7 of every item sold, goes to the charity of that week. Pretty cool, right? ?

Everything else on me is from Target and Costco. See? I wasn’t kidding.

And that tank top? Yeah, this is the 4th day in a row I’ve been in it.

Well that was fun. Stay tuned for tomorrows outfit…

(spoiler alert: it probably won’t be much different.)

ap 31

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  1. You are doing good work Amber!
    From A Doctor’s Wife recently posted..Medical Mondays Kicks off Fall!My Profile

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