I’m sorry, you got me what for Mother’s Day?

I’m not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. Or Father’s Day. And don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day.

So the other morning when HJ tells me he got me something for Mother’s Day, my first reaction was “why? I don’t want anything” and then “Why are you telling me this? Are you going to give it to me right now?”

Well, not exactly. I haven’t bought it yet. 

So why are you telling me you got me something if you don’t have it already?

Well, I wanted to see if you’d be on board with it.

On board with it? I didn’t quite understand. It’s not some sort of jewelry is it? My silver hoops from Target and my wedding ring are all I need. I know…lame, but it’s me.


Is it something I can wear? (cause honestly, I thought that would actually be awesome since I threw out almost everything in my closet last week).

No. You don’t wear it. 

What? I was confused. So if it’s not jewelry and not clothes…and then it dawned on me….is it something for someone else? 


Have you ever received one of those cards at Christmas that say someone bought you a goat or a duck instead of a present? And you’re like what? A duck? Gee, thanks.  (You know it’s for a good cause, but it doesn’t really connect.) Yeah, I kinda felt that.

And then he got all excited, pulled out his computer and started talking…

I was listening to the Wally Show the other morning (this is on a Christian radio station…yes, we are cool like that and listen to Christian radio – don’t hate) and he was talking about Blood:Water Mission & about these water filters they make in Zambia.

Oh yeah. I just watched a You Tube video about it yesterday. Aren’t they $80 or something? Trying to convince him that was too much money to spend (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that!).

Yeah. I thought you’d be excited about it. It’s something you would do. 

Um, I guess you’re right.

And then he got really pumped… Amber, this filter will give a family clean water for 20 years. 20 years!! Can you believe that?! We take water for granted. I mean, it never even crosses our minds. If they want water, they have to walk 2 miles to get it. I just walked into the kitchen this morning to get you water! And ours is clean! And we can get it whenever we want. Theirs is nasty. And it makes them sick! It’s just crazy. (I didn’t make any of that up, he totally said it. For reals.)

For the last few years, this guy has heard me talk about organizations & causes like these, seen me shed tears over these things, and even helped me clear out my closet after he watched me reach my goal ($1245!) for my Purpose Project with The Mocha Club.

And now he totally gets it! He’s on board! He realized how just one person really can make a difference! This guy knows my heart. And really, this is the perfect gift for me. But still, as hard as it is to admit, initially my selfish me was like What? $85 dollars on a water filter…for someone else? But I really wanted this belt.

But after watching this video (look at those sweet kids!)


and seeing these pictures

one drop kids

and thinking about a mama holding her baby who was sick because there wasn’t access to clean water….

…there wasn’t even a question.

OK, let’s buy me a biosand filter! Happy Mother’s Day to me!


There’s still time to buy one too. For you? For your mom? For a family in Zambia?

Let’s do this!


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4 Responses to I’m sorry, you got me what for Mother’s Day?

  1. Katie says:

    This made me laugh so much! I love how honest you are and how big your heart is.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Amber. I think his gift is so sweet, and thoughtful. Maybe he will surprise you with chocolates on Sunday:-)
    From A Doctor’s Wife recently posted..Smaller is the New BiggerMy Profile

  3. Lisa~ says:

    I just adore you. You make me all warm on the inside EVERY. TIME. you cross my path. Lisa~

  4. Sally Peterson says:

    This made me so happy!!! For so many reasons – but mostly because your precious hubby loves you so much and knows your heart. I love you guys – love who you are together. I’m imagining some precious mama going to get water for her family – fresh water. All the time knowing that they will have water for all of her babies…for their entire childhood. What a blessig. Xoxo…Sally

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