my poor pill popping skills

Some say doctor’s make the worst patients.

Well, I beg to differ. I think maybe doctor’s wives do. OK, maybe that’s just the case for moi.

Well hold on a second…. It’s not so much the going to see the doctor thing that I’m so bad at. I have no problem there.  It’s when they prescribe me something, I seem to fail miserably.

pink cross

You see, I have a couple of medications I (am supposed to) take daily.

One to help with my allergies.

One to help me stay focused (though that is nearly impossible when you have 4 kids and a dog at home all the time!).

And one to keep me sane…or happy…or not depressed…or really just be able to function each day. You get the idea.

Well, apparently those medications {that super smart people discovered and/or concocted} really do work… but only… and here’s the kicker…

if you take them.

And therein lies my problem.

Taking them. Consistently. Like every day.

Because apparently if you do that – they work. Ha! Imagine that! And if you don’t take them, then, um they don’t work. Kinda like birth control pills, right? Yeah. Learned that lesson the hard way 11 years ago. But we like to call that a “blessing” not an oopsie ;)

You know, there is this funny thing that happens when you take medicine correctly to help with your ailments. Typically, you feel better. And duh, you are better… because you are taking them.

But I seem to forget this little fact. I forget it with every one of those medications I {am supposed to} take.

I no longer am sneezing or have an itchy throat?  Woo hoo! I’m healed! And I quit.

I feel I have life in order and under control? Sweet! I’m all better! And I quit.

I feel as though I am happy and doing well? Ah yeah…It’s all good! And I quit.

(Or honestly, sometimes I just forget to take them.)

But then….

Bam! I’m back to square one.

It’s like taking one step forward and 28 steps back. You know, as smart as I am (shut-up, no sarcastic comments!), I struggle with this.  I know about this stupid cycle, yet, I let myself slip up over and over again.

Apparently I thought I was miraculously healed a while back. News flash: No healing!!!…I was just actually following the directions and taking my meds like I was supposed to. But, silly me…I was fooled (once again) and so I stopped popping those little pills.

Maybe that’s why this blog has been silent for so long. I tend to retreat (you know, like most people do when they’re depressed, yeah me too). I let doubt, fear, and insecurity take over. Plus, I’ve been sneezing a lot. That is probably the main reason why I’ve been gone, stupid allergies ;)

But I’m showing up today. And hopefully I’ll show up tomorrow. And the next day and the next. It’s a process, a daily battle.

Anyone else struggle with this little cycle – taking your meds, feeling better, then quitting? Anyone else just plain forget to take your medicine? It’s OK, we all do it…or maybe it’s just me :/ womp womp….


Plus, look what I found….if you’ve got empty Rx bottles laying around, here are some crafty ways to reuse and recycle those suckers. You’re welcome.

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9 Responses to my poor pill popping skills

  1. I am the WORST about remembering pills!! You’re looking at a gal who got an IUD just to avoid birth control pills lol. Best decision ever. Thanks for linking up, I seriously love reading your blog :)


  2. Dawn Bowden says:

    I know we don’t know each other BUT I feel (even though I have only read 5 posts)that I have connected with all of your words and feel like we are “sistas”. Now, 1st I must say that I am not a great writer and I have had 2 (kinda large glasses) of wine so I may ramble. Okay, okay! I’m going to get to the point. I think you are AMAZING!!! Honest and funny. I am sure I sound like a stalker but I am not (isn’t that what all stalkers say?) In short (now, I am making myself laugh) you are terrific and thanks for being there when you can. Good night and please feel free to laugh, giggle or connect with my wine induced ramble. ( I can’t blame the poor writing abilities on the wine)

  3. Jessica says:

    LOL, I am the WORST patient – I’m not on any meds, but I won’t go to the doctor for anything – but then again neither will my hubby – we’ve lived here for a year and neither one of us have even found a primary care doc yet! Oops!
    Jessica recently posted..Sick and alone…My Profile

  4. Thanks for linking up with us Amber! Did you get a new button too? You are right about the allergies, mine are giving me fits right now and I wonder why….. hum, wasn’t sneezing so didn’t take them and now I am sneezing. Maybe I need to start writing this subtle reminders on my mirror “Do you want to sneeze today?” I hope you find a routine that works so you can remember to maintain!
    From A Doctor’s Wife recently posted..Medical Mondays May Edition!My Profile

  5. Dawn Bowden says:

    Your preaching to the choir sister! I do all of that! So glad to hear I am not alone. Reminds me I have to go take my happy pill now.

    • Amber says:

      Ah-ha! I knew there *had* to be someone else out there who did this too!!! Thanks for sharing, Dawn… off to pop my evening pill now ;)

  6. Sally Peterson says:

    Yes…I, too, love the old lady pill containers – they are amazing. But even more than the pill counters…I LOVE YOU!

  7. Miriam says:

    I find those weekly (daily) medication containers help me a lot – even though it makes me feel a little older than I am!!) — I just keep it by my toothbrush and most days I remember — if I miss seeing it in the morning, then I usually see it in the evening

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