My almost empty closet: aWEARness project update

Two months ago I asked you to help me raise $800, enough to rescue two women off the streets in Ethiopia.

I told you that if I raised $800 by the end of March, I would clean out my closet to only 35 pieces.

35 items to wear for the next 365 days.

I called it my aWEARness Project. (Now I’m calling it crazy!)

One month ago, I was sitting at my computer completely overwhelmed…it wasn’t just $800. It was $1245!


So…I did it.

Well actually, you did it.

Now what?

Well, after being in total denial that I was going to have to get rid of most of my clothes, I started thinking about how I was going to go about doing this.

I had big plans to form a little committee of friends to help me weed through my closet, take pictures, blog about the process, and blah blah blah. But reality is… it never happened. Obviously.

So Tuesday night (April 30th) at 9:30pm, I realized it was now or never. I had avoided the inevitable long enough. I had to make good on my word. I had to hold up my end of the deal.

With my mom and husband being the only ones awake, by default, they became my little council. So with them on the couch, I went into my closet and brought out my first batch of clothes.

At first, it was kinda fun.

And then an hour into it, it wasn’t so fun anymore.

At one point my husband popped some popcorn for him and my mom to enjoy during my emotionally draining endeavor. Apparently they thought this was entertaining. me? not so much.

But 5 giant garbage bags later, my closet is close to empty.

empty closet

(12 of the 35 pieces of clothes) 

It’s been two days into this and it feels kinda weird walking into my almost empty closet. I cried yesterday. Not because most of my clothes are gone, but because I can already tell that my choices were not too smart. I blame my husband and my mom. Mostly my husband. But we’ll get to that later….

Right now, I’ve got to go pack for a weekend trip. Oh wait, I hardly have any clothes, so really it should only take me a whopping 58 seconds to throw it into my suitcase. Awesome.

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4 Responses to My almost empty closet: aWEARness project update

  1. Aubrey says:

    I know this is an older post but I saw you mention it in a comment on Modern Prairie Girl. I love that you did this! I recently cut my wardrobe (which is pretty small to begin with) by 50%. I counted all items and made sure I got to 50%. But 35 items – consider me impressed! One blogger I went to said in her profile that she owns just two pairs of pants, as far as her pants go, and I really liked that. There is something extra special about living with less.

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  3. Katie says:

    Wow! I am super impressed that you did it! After reading your post, and this blog: and having a friend give me the book Seven, I am reeeeeeally scared that God may be trying get through to me.

  4. I have contemplated something similar to this, but I don’t think I could actually give the majority away – just move to another closet with a firm promise not to wear for xx months. I have seen blogs about capsule wardrobes that I have been wanting to try. I have a feeling that moving in the next couple of months may make something like this necessary. Glad to see you back posting:-)
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