In which I cry in a video because that’s what I do (& because I reached my goal!)

That’s it. You did it.

You helped me raise $800 for my purpose project with the Mocha Club, the project I’ve been calling my aWEARness Project.

It was totally unexpected.

Earlier in the day yesterday I saw the total was at $610. Then, last night around midnight  I got on the computer and checked it out and saw it had reached $860!!! Holy smokes!

So I sat there. Tears. Happy tears. Sat there sitting and thinking. Joy. Overwhelming joy.

And then I decided to make this video. Yes, I cry in it, because that’s just what I do. Since I have no clue how to edit videos, this is about my 4th take.  So here ya are. Me, a crying mess and all.  (Click here if you can’t see the video…if you want to watch)

So just $400 rescues one woman off of the streets in Ethiopia and gives her a 2nd chance…a new life.

And we did this for 2 women!!!

What I would love more than anything is to try and collect just a little more by the end of this month…. Sunday, March 31st….we are about $200 away….to giving one more woman a 2nd chance at life…a new life….cause isn’t that what we celebrate every year on Easter? New life, rebirth, new beginnings. Let’s do it for one more beautiful soul!

You can either donate directly here at the Mocha Club


buy a leather cuff over at my shop by Sunday & $10 will be donated to the project

Thanks y’all!!!!


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2 Responses to In which I cry in a video because that’s what I do (& because I reached my goal!)

  1. Pz says:


    So very happy for you! You not only met your goal, you surpassed it. All of this speaks to the goodness in your heart and the good in those around you. This is only the beginning of the positive things you will do. This year will be different!

  2. Peggy says:


    I just wanted to say how proud of you I am for taking on this project! and how excited to be able to be a part, even if only in a small way. I saw you are only $145 away from being able to help a 3rd lady…. that is so incredibly awesome!!
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