my honest thoughts about my aWEARness project

So you know how I’m doing a project this month? The one with the Mocha Club where I’m trying to raise money to help two Ethiopian women out of the life of prostitution? Well, I’m almost at the half way mark and wanted to share- a couple of my honest thoughts about the whole thing….

1) I think I bit off more than I can chew. $800 in one month? What was I thinking? I’m only at about 20% of the $800. In all honesty, I was only going to try for $400 (one woman rescued) but at the last minute I changed. Not sure why. I know that I will reach my goal…it may not be this month, but I will raise $800 to help give two deserving women a second chance and a new life.

2) The whole “I’ll only wear 35 items for a whole year” thing…. I can’t remember whose genius idea that was…oh wait…it was mine. What the ____ was I thinking? I have way too much to say on this topic, so I’ll save it for another post. But seriously Amber, 35 items? nice going.

3) $10 can make a difference. Usually if I see someone doing a project like this or a relay or whatever, I try to support them with just $10. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s something. I feel like it’s my way of telling them, what they are doing matters. I know the feeling. For those of you who have given to my aWEARness project, it has meant the world. Whether it was $10 or $100, truly truly it encourages me to keep on going. So thank you.  And just think, if 100 people just gave $10…. wow.

4) I feel like I’ve become the telemarketer of blogging. Since I started this project, I have been bombarded with calls and requests to give money. (See #3) All for good causes, no doubt. I realized I am one of those people too. My alma mater, the radio station’s spring drive, the neighborhood kids’ school fundraiser. It goes on and on. I don’t want to be that blogger when my post pops up in your inbox, you dread reading it cause I’m just asking for money. I so do not want that! I want to use this space for good, but not like that.

5) Words give hope & life. So this last weekend I went out to the garage and started pounding out some leather cuffs. I was thinking about all the truths I needed to hear when I was deep in my depression. I was thinking about the women on the streets in Ethiopia. How they must feel. How hopeless life must feel. I was thinking about what I would tell them iWith them in mind I hammered words like: loved, hope, trust your story, be-YOU-tiful, FREE, spread your wings, FLY, I am His, exactly where you are supposed to be, stronger than she thought, brave. And then I thought of a verse that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now and I stamped out a few words from it: DO JUSTICE, do justice love mercy walk humbly.

6) I can use my love of creating…for good.  I really do love time alone painting or sewing or making cuffs. And for a long time I have wanted to use the things create for a purpose. Well, here’s my chance.

So here’s what I want to do….

I want to make these cuffs for you. I want to offer them as inexpensive as I can (maybe $12 – $15?) so that you are able to purchase one (or two or three). With every purchase $10 will go straight towards rescuing 2 women.


Since my whole project is called the aWEARness project (all about raising awareness by what we wear), I thought you could join in and wear something too. Something that has a story….so when people ask you about your cuff, you can tell them how you helped two women in Ethiopia. And all the cuffs sold for this project will have a little “MC” stamped on the end as a reminder of the Mocha Club & their Women at Risk program.

I’m almost done listing them in my shop, so stay tuned. Or if you want, you can go ahead and just donate $10 today ;)

But in the meantime, I would LOVE for you to share what word(s) you would speak to those women…what word(s) you would want stamped on your cuff.

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One Response to my honest thoughts about my aWEARness project

  1. rhonda fast says:

    not alone. prayed for. there is hope. strong & courageous.

    On a personal note, would you make specific ones if we ask really nice? I’d love to give these to my children as an easter gift with specific words on it.

    I love them :)

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