a little serious & a little silly

I’m linking up with the Influence blog to tell you a little more about me… (if you missed the first installment, click here)

I started blogging about a year ago. Sometimes I wonder why I still do it. Sometimes I feel like I am so random, that this space on the interwebs doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes I’m serious and sometimes I’m a total goofball. Sometimes I pour out what’s on my heart and sometimes I don’t (that’s when the blog is silent). Sometimes I feel like I say way too much online and then fear and insecurity take hold.

But just when I am about to throw in the towel and stop blogging altogether… I receive the kindest email from a friend or a stranger who reads my words on here. And that is what keeps me going. That’s what keeps me writing.

I am so thankful for the online community I have found. Thankful for all the women who have made a network that matters. For my first year of blogging, I didn’t know where to find help or ask questions and now I have a place to go! So thank you!

And now for some silliness….

My entire life I have always had some serious bed head. Apparently I felt the need to start documenting it on Instagram. Why? Cause I’m cool like that. I have no idea.


You can follow along @amberzaccagni or join in the fun with your own awesomeness using the hashtag #mymorningmop …like Nicole did :)  <—  and be on the lookout for a bed head contest in the near future! For reals.

And here is where my heart is lately…

This month I am doing a Purpose Project with The Mocha Club. I first learned about this amazing organization last fall at The Influence Conference. My project is called the aWEARness project. A little bit inspired by the idea in Jen Hatmaker’s book 7 and some ideas I had last summer about making an effort to support non-profits & businesses who are doing their part to fight injustices. I turned 35 this year, and I really want to make this year count. I want it to mean something. To not be “just another year.”

awearness picI am trying to raise $800…enough to give 2 women in Ethiopia a second chance. Currently, they live a life in prostitution, not because they want to, but because they have no other means to support themselves, their children. It costs $400 for one woman to be rescued and given a new life. A life out of the sex industry and one where truth and love and life will be spoken into them.

But I need help. Would you join with me in helping give these women the life they deserve?

You can donate (even just $5 or $10) right here.

It’s not for me that I am asking… it’s for them.

Thanks for stopping by!


and today I have the privilege of guest posting over at Women with Worth

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8 Responses to a little serious & a little silly

  1. Annie says:

    I’ve heard a lot about 7 so I should probably go get my hands on a copy! It sounds like a fantastic book.

    There have been times I’ve wanted to shut down my blog & my social media, but then I remember, even when I don’t feel heard, someone is hearing me. And that’s the point of Influence, I think, to remind us that even when we don’t feel like our voices are carrying any weight, they really are working in ways He’s weaving perfectly together, ways we can’t yet see.
    Annie recently posted..SWF chasing BFFs.My Profile

  2. Nadine says:

    Everytime I get an encouraging email, I’m typically amazed, for one, that they are finding something in my words, but more amazed often that it’s on the days when I’m just super unsure about writing and sharing anymore.
    Keep writing friend!
    Nadine recently posted..{a walk through} psalm 20My Profile

  3. Amber! Love that bed head! It was awesome recognizing you at Influence last year, it felt like I already had a friend there. And I still do!! Glad you’re here.
    Tammy Perlmutter recently posted..Linking Up with Women of InfluenceMy Profile

  4. Rachel says:

    I am almost 34 and have 4 almost 5 children and curly hair that looks horrible in the morning, I am also a confused blogger not always sure why I blog…I feel the love girl. Come by and meet me.

  5. Hi new friend! I am glad you’re still blogging :)

  6. Hope Connell says:

    Ha! I love that you “celebrate” the bedhead instead of letting it frustrate you.

    I haven’t read 7 yet, but so many people around me have been talking about it. I guess it’s about time I read it. =)

    I’ll see you around on the Influence Network. Best of luck with your aWEARness project!
    Hope Connell recently posted..A Meetup of Influential WomenMy Profile

  7. Michele-Lyn says:

    I love how your are seriously using your blog for greater purposes than your own. I know another friend that is doing a “Purpose Project.” I just recently heard about The Justice Conference and am reading Ken Wytsma’s new book. I actually blogged a little about where I am with it today.

    I’m inspired! Visiting from the link-up. :)
    Michele-Lyn recently posted..Where I am, I want to be all there. [#doJUSTICE]My Profile

  8. Hi Amber! Just found your blog through the Influence link-up. I am in the midst of going through ‘7’ with my girlfriends and I love what you said about this being “not just another year.” Awesome.
    Becca {While You Were Napping} recently posted..three thingsMy Profile

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