Pitch Perfect is Aca-awesome

Have you seen this movie?


If not, you need to. It’s aca-mazing.

I saw it when it was in the theater and now I’ve seen it 368 times since Christmas. True story.

On Monday, after celebrating my birthday with the kids and putting them to bed, the only thing I wanted to do was curl up in my jammies and watch it.

I love it. I don’t know why, I just do.

At the end of December I recorded my first ever vlog (video blog). In my car. In a parking lot. Nice. It was a little update on all the happenings that month. But I never posted it. Why? Um, you’ll see why. It was lots of rambling about nothing and me not making sense.

But for your enjoyment… here is a little clip from that vlog where I tell you about how much I love this movie. I know, this is completely ridiculous.  But hey, this is me. (and sorry about me looking to the side constantly, I didn’t know where to look! and ignore the giant scabbed-over zit on the right side of my chin.) 


if you can’t see the video, click here.

And if you’ve got hours to kill and want to watch more awesomeness from Mike Tompkins…here ya go! You’re welcome.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think? Any favorite parts or lines?

Also! It’s not too late to enter my birthday give-away…a Jeanne Oliver online art class, gift card for supplies, and custom cuff!

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5 Responses to Pitch Perfect is Aca-awesome

  1. Kate says:

    Amber! It’s so good to hear your voice! We just saw Pitch Perfect a few weeks ago and loved it. I try to use “aca-isms” whenever possible. :)
    Kate recently posted..February Photo ChallengeMy Profile

  2. Erin says:

    I haven’t seen it! I’ll have to add this to my lonely-nights-while-the-man-is-at-school movie list tho’ :) Love your video!!
    Erin recently posted..Treadmill WoesMy Profile

  3. Sally Peterson says:

    I will totally lip sync with you anytime. Our name will be The WannaBes and we will be aca-mazing.

  4. Brittney Shorb says:

    I forsee some serious beat boxing in your future. You don’t have to have a good singing voice for that…and I will sing lead in your group. BOOM!

  5. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it while we were staying in a hotel. I liked the sound of it, and really liked the tv show that had a cappella groups like this competing. The Sing Off? Is that right? Anyhow, I should probably just watch the movie from start to finish in one sitting.
    From A Doctor’s Wife recently posted..Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and in the BankMy Profile

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