Into the valley

3am last Thursday morning, I woke up.

Wide awake. I never do this. Ever.

I knew I had been dreaming. There was a vivid picture of me standing on top of a beautiful tall green hill looking down, way down, into a dark valley below.


A hand grabbed mine, but not of a person, but a presence, and began to walk forward down the hill. I was hesitant, looking back over my shoulder.

Reassuringly I heard,

“You are being led into a valley. But you are not alone.”

I somehow knew not to be afraid, that whoever was leading me down the hill was going to stay by my side the entire way.

I woke up hours later thinking I was given an important message for someone else, when it turns out later that day, I realized that the message was for me.

But sadly, the very next morning, Friday the 14th, we all entered a valley. Dark, sad, scary.

Yes, we have walked into a valley, but we are not alone.

We have each other.

Reach out and find my hand and I will hold onto yours. And we can walk through this valley together, knowing that we are not lost because we are being led by a hand, and a hope, following the Light that shows us the way out.

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2 Responses to Into the valley

  1. candice says:

    Wonderful. I LOVE you!

  2. Sara says:

    This is beautiful and encouraging. What a lovely, timely word you received. When we venture into the valley, we do not go alone.
    Sara recently posted..My Offering, Part 2: True StoriesMy Profile

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