10 things I learned when I stopped blogging

I was going through my blog drafts and found this one I wrote in early November. I guess it’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately too.


I like to think that I can “fake it” when I am with other people (in real life). But yesterday when I went out with my friend, she told me she was worried about me. Usually I would say, “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and then crack a joke.

But yesterday I was too tired not to be honest and said, “yeah, you should be.” She knows me a lot better than I give her credit for. She could see through me. As much as that should be irritating to me, I am thankful.


Over the last month I’ve haven’t written here much. It’s not for a lack of ideas or content – I’ve got plenty of that in my head. I guess I wanted to keep my thoughts, emotions to myself instead of airing it out for the world to see.

Maybe it was good. Maybe I needed a month to just be quiet and think instead of write. And after thinking and thinking and thinking, here are a few things I realized about myself.

1) I am way too affected by true stories and sad realities. I have to be careful what I expose myself to… like really careful (books, movies, news)


2) Everyday is a conscious battle to get up and choose joy.


3) Insecurities can get the best of me (as great as the online/blogging community is, I find it magnifies many insecurities)


Source: twitter.com via Amber on Pinterest


4) I allow fear to paralyze me.


5) Doubt does too.

Source: repinly.com via Amber on Pinterest


6) I’m much more of a deeper thinker now. I hate it.



7) Angry that part of me has changed into what I am now. Sometimes I just want the old me back.


8) It’s Ok to accept help.

Source: facebook.com via Amber on Pinterest


9) It’s OK to ask for it too.


10) Just like most things in life…. it’s easier said than done.

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2 Responses to 10 things I learned when I stopped blogging

  1. barbie f. says:

    you are not alone, and it seems like i could have written that post myself. big hug to you Amber! xo, Barbie

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