How blogging saved my life {Part 2}

So, remember when I told you about Jeanne Oliver? You know, one of the first two blogs I ever read?

Well, I want to tell you about the other one.

The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room blog by Melissa Michaels

Who knew that a home design blog could save my life (again, a little dramatic, but I’m OK with that). I don’t know how much saving was from the actual decorating part of the blog as it was from the words (I needed to hear) written by Melissa.

Now, before I go any further, you need a little history. First, you must understand that I have never really had a “decorating style” or cared about trendy fashion stuff.

But that is not the case for my husband.

I wasn’t the little girl growing up dreaming about her wedding day. He was. Not the little girl, the one dreaming. About his wedding. Yep. The church, the ceremony, he had it all pictured perfectly in his mind.

When I was wandering aimlessly about Macy’s, registry gun in hand, he took charge and zapped away like it was nobody’s business. And I’m not talking about tools and camping gear. I’m talking about dishes and silverware and blenders and toasters and bedding. He knew exactly what he liked, no messing around.

Which was all fine because he has a great sense of style. He’s like his dad that way.

My father-in-law was on every home decor catalog mailing list. He probably got 4 or 5 a day. I’m not kidding. Every time Ballard Designs shows up in my mailbox, I think of him. I’m pretty sure that was his favorite ;) I remember when he ordered this from there

Sorry, I digress.

So when we moved to South Carolina and my hubs disappeared into the deep, dark abyss called residency, he no longer had study breaks which allowed him to wander through TJ Maxx finding new curtains for our windows or throw pillows for the couch. So the home stuff was up to me now. The most non-committal homemaker ever.

During these years of medical training, in every house we’ve ever lived in, I always knew we would eventually move, so my decorating decisions were always made with “resale value” value in mind. Neutral colors, nothing too unusual or flashy. And nothing we would have to change when we sold the house. This was my mindset. And most of the time I just made decisions based on what I thought it should look like, never really thinking about how I would like it to look.

When my counselor told me to start thinking about what I wanted (not as in decorating, but as in life in general. You see, I was so depressed I had become something of a doormat. I didn’t have much of an opinion and didn’t even know what I liked…except chocolate. i’ve always and will forever love chocolate), I was lost. I thought I would begin by figuring out what I really did like in a home. That sounds kind of dumb, but we had just painted our whole house and I picked a color totally by default… they needed a decision {now!} and it was what our last house was and seemed “safe.”

I tried to picture what I would want my house to look like if I could decorate it any way I wanted. Not thinking about money or other people’s opinions. And guess what was the only place I could think… I Googled:

how to decorate your home like Anthropologie.”

Lo and behold, The Inspired Room popped up.

Right away, I was hooked. I could love Melissa for the simple fact that she lives in the Northwest, but I loved her even more when she talked about living authentically. Not striving to have a home like something out of a magazine, but a real, lived-in, loved-on home. Where you feel comfortable and those that enter your home do too.

She told me to ignore the “rules” of home decorating and use the things I love. She gave me permission to paint my family room ruby red (if I wanted, which I don’t). She told me I could hammer a nail in the wall to hang a picture… even if I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted it there the next week.  And she said if I didn’t like something, I could change it. Imagine that!

She unlocked the chains of my decorating bondage ;)

I experienced home-decor freedom for the first time in my life! hee hee.

But let’s be real here, or should I say, authentic. It was more than just the freedom to decorate how I wanted.  Reading that blog gave life and inspiration to someone who had been missing for so long. It was about learning who I was again. Learning how to live authentically, in my home, as myself.  And with that, creating a place where my family feels comfy, loved, and safe.

So if you are a blogger, never underestimate the power of what you post. Who knows who your words will reach? Who might be encouraged by your story. I don’t care if it’s a lifestyle blog, DIY blog, mommy blog, or a fine China collection blog… your words, your story matters and what you type out on your keyboard today may be the very thing someone has been needing to hear.

I’m sure Melissa just thought she was posting about kitchen floors and counter tops, not helping me out of my pit.

Maybe your blog can save someone’s life too ;)

What were the first few blogs you ever read? Any that you love? – well, besides this one ;)

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7 Responses to How blogging saved my life {Part 2}

  1. Wilfredo says:

    I like your way with words, fantastic information, regards for setting up
    : D.
    Wilfredo recently posted..WilfredoMy Profile

  2. Charlie says:

    I love her!! LOVE her!!

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights, discoveries, and growth! Your blog is an authentic conversation which I truly enjoy and identify with, even though we’ve lived in different times and followed different paths. One of my fav blogs is by Kelly Rae (another NW creative spirit). Her postings are so heartfelt and inspiring.
    So moving to read about my brother from another perspective:) xoxo

    • Amber says:

      I LOVE Kelly Rae Roberts! I think I discovered her a little over a year ago. I need to come up to Oregon one summer and spend some time at BLOOM! with you :)

  4. Ahhh!! You are so precious! This post really really touched me. You are so right, as bloggers we really don’t know who might read or need to hear our words. I’m so glad that somehow my experiences have helped you and now you are helping encourage others through a post like this! Thank you sweet lady for your kind words :-) and I’m just so happy to have been of help in some small way! Merry Christmas!
    Melissa @ The Inspired Room recently posted..My Christmas House 2012My Profile

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