Giving back this Christmas season just got a whole lot easier

Black Friday . . . (Small Business Saturday) . . . Cyber Monday

I’d like to introduce you to a new idea {clearly not mine} . . .

Generous Tuesday

It’s about time we bring back what this season is truly all about – giving.

Whether that means giving of your time and talents, giving financially to an organization, or even shopping at an organization that supports a cause, it’s one day out of this busy season where we can stop and remind ourselves that life is about so much more than the stuff we fill our lives with.

But since I know we all shop this season anyway, why not shop at places that donate part of what we spend to causes we care about, not just what their business cares about.

Well, you can do just that…through this site.

Pure Charity is pretty awesome.

OK, now this is my understanding of it…warning: I could be way off!

It allows you to shop at the online stores you already [might] go to regularly (Target, Gap, JCrew, Walmart), but this time, when you sign up for an account & shop via Pure Charity, a percentage of what you spend goes into your “giving fund.”

Then you can look around the site at the different “causes” people have set up and choose where you want your “fund” money to go.

(Oh, but you don’t have to shop to give. You can just give $$ straight up if ya wanna.)

You can also set up a cause/project, “follow” people or projects, start a group, and lots of other good stuff (I think).

I promise you this is not an advertisement, though it clearly sounds like one…sorry. When I find organizations like these it just makes me happy and I want to help spread the word.

So there you have it folks. If you want to save a rain forest or a life, go check it out and sign up!


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2 Responses to Giving back this Christmas season just got a whole lot easier

  1. Lara Blair says:

    It’s about time something like this went up! I’m completely boycotting any store open on Thanksgiving and purposefully staying home to enjoy my family on Friday…but I love the idea of shopping and giving back. Thanks for the tip. ox

    • Amber says:

      When I saw the Target commercial and saw it is opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving, it just made me sad, then a little mad. That is just ridiculous! I’m going to hop on Pure Charity this weekend and “test it out.” Kinda cool :)

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