Some {un}important stuff I want to tell you

So even though I dropped off the fact of the earth stopped blogging for a month, by no means did the random thoughts in my head ever cease.

Lucky you, I kinda remember some of those oh-important-thoughts I wanted to share… in no particular order:

1) My Blogstars heroes (the ones I can never meet in real life because I know too much about them and it would be so weird…but seriously, their blogs saved my life)

2) My {poor} efforts in balancing the tension I’ve been feeling lately

3) Awesome art

4) How to bring back the true spirit of Christmas {hint: give}

5) What I learned about myself while not blogging for a month

6) introduce you to a {new} friend and her amazing words & art

So stay tuned this week and as long as I don’t get too distracted, you’ll be seeing these posts this upcoming week.



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