My attempt to post every day for 31 Days

For the month of October I am joining (or at least attempting to) a community of bloggers, headed up by The Nester, who each choose a topic to blog about for 31 days.

Now I’m no genius, but I know myself well enough to know there is absolutely no way I would be able to post something every. single. day.


it was very very very simple.

So I thought really hard {yes, it hurt} and finally came up with something that might be possible to do every day.

31 days to SAVOR 

or maybe it should be 31 days to {slow down &} savor …hmmm… what do you think?

Either way, this month, I want to take time during the morning rush, during the chaos after school, during the busyness I fill my life with, and find the moments I take for granted every day.

So I figure the easiest way to do this is by capturing moments or images I find to savor and share them with you.

I may or may not try to write about the subject of savoring and I may post something not related to this at all. (I am giving myself a little grace and permission to have a little freedom in this.)

Well let’s go ahead and get started.

DAY 1:

As I let Daisy out in the front yard, I stood in the doorway waiting for her to hurry up and do her business. She was taking quite a while so I found myself just watching the rain fall on the street. Then I looked over to the driveway and saw this:

And you’re thinking to yourself what the heck is so special about two cars sitting in a driveway. Well, it may appear to be nothing, but to me it is so much more.

Since Dr. Hubsand started his fellowship in July, every week day and week night and for the last 3 weekends, the only car in our driveway has been my van. So when I glanced over and saw his little green machine sitting next to my big blue beast, I couldn’t help but smile.

Because it means that my little family, is together under one roof.

You see, my husband showed up yesterday for an unexpected visit. {And he gets to stay till Wednesday!}

So I am savoring this unexpected gift today. And every time I see our two cars parked side by side, I will be reminded of what it means…

…that he is home and we are together.


Do you want to slow down? Do you want to savor the simple moments too? I would love for you to join me for these next 31 days. 31 days to slow down and savor.

I will be posting my pictures on Instagram & Twitter (@amberzaccagni is my name on both)

And I’ll be using the hashtag #savoringtheday if anyone wants to join the savoring :)

Click here to read the inspiration behind the topic

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2 Responses to My attempt to post every day for 31 Days

  1. What a great idea for a 31 days series!
    Beth @ dot in the city recently posted..We’ve been cooking something up just for you {apron swap}My Profile

  2. Hayden says:

    savoring every moment with you…

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