A letter to my teenage self

Dear Teenage Me,

Honestly, I avoided writing this letter because let’s face it…we both know you will do things the way you want to do them anyway.

But for what it’s worth, here are a few things I wish I had known.

Don’t let your weaknesses define you: yeah, you’re messy, unorganized, you procrastinate, and you can’t keep your room clean to save your life. So what? You have a million other qualities that you are ignoring. Stop feeling like a failure and go discover your gifts! The sooner you do this, the easier life will be.

Don’t be afraid to do things differently: Don’t live the way you think you are “supposed to” or do things how you think they “should” be done. It’s OK to do things differently. Really. It is. Life is not about going to college, getting a degree, then getting a good job to support yourself. Oh sweet girl. Life is so much more than that! Do you really think that is what God created us for? I didn’t think so. Now remember that and run with it!

Be Kind to Others: Everyone is fighting a battle. You will probably read this and say, “But I am kind.” And yes, sometimes you are. But sometimes you can get so feisty and selfish that you don’t take others into consideration. Everyone is facing something. You will face something. Just be gentle.

Tell Mom thank you: Do this a lot! Seriously. You have no idea how lucky you are.

And on the subject of Mom…

You are not Mom: This isn’t bad or good. It is just a fact. So, don’t try try to be like her because you are not. You guys are wired differently and that is OK. (Same thing with your siblings…you are all different and it’s OK.) You will be a good mom, don’t worry. Just be yourself. That is what your children really want.

You are never alone: Right now, you may feel lonely, a lot. I wish you knew you are not in this thing called life all by yourself.  You probably would say you know that, but you are having a hard time believing it, aren’t you? You think you know Jesus, but really you just know about him (don’t start arguing with me!).  You will really get to know him and will be thankful for the journey that brought you there. You will finally understand what grace, trust, and surrender actually mean.

Ok, I’ve probably lost your attention by now (or freaked you out), so I will wrap it up.

Be yourself and trust your story. 

Just remember, God made you so unique and he made you just as you are, on purpose. All those ideas in your head and desires in your heart, he put them there. So take them, live them, and do something amazing!

with love,

Grown Up Me  (well, kinda grown up…I still act like an idiot a lot sometimes)

Younger idiot me






Older idiot me (and yes, I just took a picture of a picture)






A few other things I would like to pass on:

Being a mom is not like babysitting. At all.

Eating for two when you are pregnant is a total lie!

Learn to love your hair. You will not have those curls forever.

Don’t worry, your chest will grow…eventually.



Letter inspired by Emily Freeman’s new book.

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  1. Love it! Totally love your sense of humor. Cracking up at “being a mom is not like babysitting!” ’nuff said…
    Positively Alene recently posted..{009 podcast} a challenge to move forward.My Profile

  2. Hayden says:

    Love this and you

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