The one thing I will never say to my kids

There are things I find myself saying to my kids I never thought I’d say.

Stop licking your sister. No you can not go ride your bike without pants on. Stop wiping boogers on the dog. And don’t kiss the dog like that!

Then there are things I vowed I would never say to my kids. (Some, sadly, have been uttered out of anger and frustration.)

But there is one thing I will never, ever say to them:

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.

Because that is a big ol’ lie.

Words hurt…bad. And I don’t want to minimize it.

We’ve all experienced it. We all remember it. Even as an adult, it never leaves us.

So what do I say when one of my children come crying to me because of hurtful words and rude remarks from other kids at school?

I’m so sorry…Those kids obviously are not happy with themselves…share with her the times I was picked on?

None of those seem sufficient when my little girl is weeping in my arms.

And it’s a different pain than physical pain. It’s a deep, deep wound that will always be looming and waiting to reopen.

My heart was aching. Really bad. I was torn up inside wishing I could take those awful words away.

Because those kinds of words don’t just hurt…they sting.

They are the hammer that starts chipping away self confidence.

They are the poison that seeps into your mind and starts polluting the truth.

They cause doubt and insecurity.

They are the introduction to the reality of the broken world we live in.

I don’t know what words will ever counter the harm that was done to my little girl.

All I can give is a hug…my unconditional love.

And be praying that every time she looks in the mirror, she remembers the truth and see’s the beautiful girl that she is…inside and out.

The girl that was created on purpose, just the way she is.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest


And she is amazing!!

I’d rather take a bat to the head any day than have my kids experience this kind of hurt. For reals.

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4 Responses to The one thing I will never say to my kids

  1. You are a Great mom- full of wisdom on how to love your kiddos fully.

    aka: BG roomie

  2. Sylvia Player says:

    I will personally come beat up any little girl so you don’t have to ;-)

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