You are enough.

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough of you to go around?

That no matter how much you do, it still isn’t enough for everything or everyone?

I’ve got one of my kids struggling in school, one who wants my undivided attention all the time, one hanging on my leg or destroying something, one whining for no apparent reason, and a dog with a bladder that doesn’t always work.

I’ve got dishes in the sink, laundry thrown across the room (compliments of the 2 year old), a minivan that smells like something died in it, homework to help with, a To Do list that never stops growing.

I’ve got a husband who works a ton (and is far away), relationships to grow, friendships to maintain, commitments to fulfill.

Do you have a list like that? C’mon…I know I’m not the only one!

There are not enough hours in a day to get all of that done. Someone will always be disappointed. And in turn, we feel we have failed, again.

That’s how I’m feeling today…not enough… a failure.

And even though I know it’s a lie, it still catches me off guard and pulls me down….over and over again. And then again and again. :/

I want to share a truth with you if you are feeling this way today, too. It’s one that I have to remind myself of over and over again. And then again and again.{Apparently I forget pretty easily!}

When you’re feeling low, feeling like you have let others down, let yourself down, when you feel overwhelmed, or when your self-esteem starts to fall… remember this:

You are enough.

Yes, you are.

And that’s the truth!!!

So take the expectations that are causing these feelings of failure and disappointment and chuck them out the window!

You are right where you are supposed to be… and that is enough.

XO, Amber

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8 Responses to You are enough.

  1. YES. And amen.
    Amanda @ Life.Edited. recently posted..let us be angels of encouragement.My Profile

  2. THANK YOU for this!!! Man, I struggle with that so much. I always feel so stretched and I can’t be enough for my family…and it’s a LIE! I am enough. Thank you for that reminder!!
    kk @ the mom diggity recently posted..messy motherhood link up: encouragementMy Profile

  3. Roy Condrey says:

    Thanks! This was really needed today, never enough time. Always feeling like I am lettign someone down. Rough day today. Your post was extremely timely.

  4. Michelle says:

    So easy to say, so hard to live by. I’m right there with you.
    Michelle recently posted..Funky FlowersMy Profile

  5. Adriana says:

    Again, a post I could have written myself. It’s like you’re in my head. Thank you so much for the reminder. Chin up to you too, my friend.

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