The result of driving 1,000 miles alone

I’ve been writing and re-writing posts in my head since Friday.

The shortened week with Labor Day last week turned mine into chaos.

I left the chaos on Friday to drive 5 hours to spend a weekend at a camp in North Carolina.


I drove the 5 hours home on Sunday to then drive 3 hours to Alabama yesterday morning.


I turned around and drove back home last night. I would be happy to not drive any long distance for a while.

But the 16ish hours in the car alone gave me a lot of time to think. A LOT.

And…it made me miss my kids. Like, really missed them. And I’m not just saying that. I was super excited to see them when I got home. Carry on…

I was anxious on the way to North Carolina. I felt I had left so many loose ends. Stuff with my kids, my husband, the house, unanswered emails, blog posts I wanted to write.

I thought that if I arrived at the camp early, I could hop on my computer and take care of all the important things I needed to do.

I once again put my trust in my phone’s GPS, and once again it got me lost. In the mountains of North Carolina. I was frustrated and anxious. Finally, I convinced myself to relax.

There weren’t any screaming, hungry children in the back seat. There wasn’t any appointment that I was late for.

It was just me. And the road. And the mountains. And beautiful scenery all around.

Oh, and about 107 old barns. I love barns. Love them. If ever you need an idea for a birthday gift for me, there you go. You can get me a barn.

Anyway, when I safely arrived at my camp destination, I had no cell service. No internet connection. I couldn’t do all those oh-so-important things that just had to get done.

What was everyone going to do without me?! The kids? Hayden? The unanswered emails! Nothing posted to this blog in days! {Oh the horror!!!}

Friday evening the weekend’s speaker passed around paper plates. She told us that she knows we all have a lot “on our plates” – all of our busyness and unfinished tasks we left at home. She asked us to write down all that was preoccupying our minds. I should have written “way too much.”

She encouraged us to leave it all behind and enjoy the weekend. I’m sorry, what?! That was a whole lot easier said than done. I realize I’m becoming more and more of a control freak. Yuck.

But this place isn’t so bad to spend a weekend at, right? I eventually relaxed.

By the time I drove home on Sunday, I was used to not being connected. And I kinda liked it. I didn’t call anyone, check my email, Facebook, or twitter. For 5 hours!

I just drove. And thought. And listened to music I wanted to listen to. I might have even danced. And might have had some dude pass me and give me a weird look. Whatever, he was just jealous I got such good car dancin’ moves.

Once home, I didn’t stay up late reconnecting or writing a blog post or answering emails. I went to bed at 10:30pm. And fell asleep! This is a big deal people cause I have had a hard time going to bed for quite a while now.

OK, instead of writing out the play by play of my driving and my thoughts, here is what I learned from the last four days of driving 1,000 miles.

  • My husband is more than capable of spending a weekend with the kids without all my very important instruction.
  • Emails will still be in my inbox when I return.
  • Nobody missed my presence on Facebook or Twitter. (They probably didn’t even know I was gone.)
  • This blog is still on the internet and people can visit it if they want.
  • Noboby’s hanging on tooth and nail to read my next mind-blowing post.
  • This blog is not my job. There is no money coming in from what I do here on the interwebz. I can write whatever I want, whenever I want.

So what happens to the world without me in it?

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

Life goes on and I have the choice to jump back in when I am able. It’s not that I don’t want to be connected and write (because I do…I love it), but sometimes a lot of times, I get my priorities screwed up.

I forget what really matters.

I never understood the saying, “You can’t see the forest through the trees” until this weekend when the speaker lady explained it in a way I could understand (apparently, I’m a slow learner).

Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When you feel like there are a bazillion things you just have to do and they are all coming at you at once…. take a step back. Observe. Assess. Think. Evaluate.

More often than not, you’ll gain perspective.

So yes, I have unanswered emails, this blog, a little “art show” I’m trying to pull together in the next few weeks. They will all get done, eventually.

Will my posts or my little show be as big and grand as I imagined it would be? Probably not.

But I think I am OK with that…kinda.

OK, not really. But I do know that taking a break from the demands I put on myself is the one thing that needs to be done. (I’m still learning people!)

What about you? Do you maintain perspective?

Or are you like me who can get overwhelmed when wrapped up in the day to day activities that keep on piling up higher and higher and it seems like it’s never ever going stop just for a moment to be able to take a little breather? OK, I’ll stop there. You get my point ;)

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4 Responses to The result of driving 1,000 miles alone

  1. Lara says:

    I totally get you there. The car is where all the good stuff happens in the noisy lunchroom that is my head…sans kidlets and scary pop music station that they’ve been holding me hostage with the past year.

    God talks to me in the car.
    I’m thinking that He must really want me to pay attention because He even talks to me when I am berating other drivers out loud.

    Lara recently posted..Photography campaigns that rock the worldMy Profile

  2. candice says:

    Oh how I adore you! Now stop acting like you want to hang out with your kids and write me some humorous emails!
    candice recently posted..Removing The MaskMy Profile

  3. Blair Vana says:

    Is that Windy Gap?!? If so I LOVE Windy Gap!!

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