The time I tried to write like Ann Voskamp

So last night as I was writing my little post about long distance relationships, my friend texted and asked if I was familiar with Ann Voskamp.

Why yes, yes I am.

We discussed the style of her writing and how some have a difficult time reading her book because of that (me included).

And it gave me an idea…

Maybe I could try to re-write my post as Ann Voskamp would. I know what you’re thinking…don’t do it Amber!

Sorry my friends, you are too late. Here goes nuthin’…

{Side note: #1 -If you want to follow along, read my post from last night before reading the new version below.  #2- OK, people. This is just fun and silliness. Don’t freak out. I’m not trying to knock Mrs. Voskamp. It’s my attempt to open my simple mind and write a little more poetically.} 

And this is dedicated to my sweet sweet friend {who I have never met in person}: Adriana. Thankful for your thoughtful heart.


When the distance between us is too great”

by Annber {Amber trying to be Ann}

Five times the round glowing ball in the sky rises. Five times it sets. All without the man boy I married.

The break at the end of the long working week are the moments we savor together.





Afraid that if it must continue for much longer, I will pull the locks of brownish color out of the place that sits upon my neck. Some, call a head.

In a city far way, he heals the hearts of the little ones. But only as man can do. Physical healing.

I pull the damp cloths from the small box of plastic fashioned together in a far away country. I clean the backside of the not-so-baby-boy. He is growing.

One would imagine the not-so-baby-boy would be emptying himself on the seat of white porcelain by now. But no. He is content in the undergarments that we must dispose of.

I search for spiritual healing.

The purposes of our life, we are serving. We are filled.


Night is upon us. The blue moon, hung in sky.

In the motor box carrying him home to us, the one which is able to travel far on little fuel, he pushes the buttons on the technology that allows us to speak to one another.

Green square on screen flashing.

Answer, I do. His voice, I hear.

He speaks again. Listen, I do not.

He knows. Emotions of frustration build inside him.

Understand, I do.

I experience the same.

Plastic and metal, package technology to connect our voices. But how do you connect the soul? The distant between our bodies remain.

I long to see his face. Speak to the clear blue eyes that pierce my soul when he looks into my hazel ones and my heart melts.

He is close. Not much longer. Time together we will savor.




Thankful for….

the extra day added to this visit #347

extra evening together #348

time to love on the small ones #349

time to connect our souls #350

toes in bed #351

corn nuts #352


That took me about four times as long to write than my other one! I think I’ll stick to my simple words and sentences. Poetic writing is not my thing. I’ll leave that to Ann….


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13 Responses to The time I tried to write like Ann Voskamp

  1. I absolutely love this. How hard we try to be someone or something we aren’t. How often we compare ourselves and our writing to others, when God has given each of us our own unique voice and writing style that only we can bring to the world. Thank you for sharing this. It made me laugh and my heart smile.

    Marcie Bridges recently posted..SPIRITUAL EYE CHECK-UPMy Profile

  2. Idunnu says:

    Haaaaahaaaaaa You got me laughing out loud..wouldn’t have completed a 1000 gifts without the help of a dictionary maybe that’s why I find this post super -hilarious !

  3. Sylvia Player says:

    That was great Amber, thanks for sharing, and I second Mindy ;-) at

  4. Stephanie(orthowife) says:

    I have just found this blog. I read 1,000 gifts. I have to say, this post is just hilarious! I was crying laughing. Made my day! So glad I found you!

  5. Okay, I’m impressed… I would never even come close to attempting poetry!

    So grateful you linked up with us again this month!!! Thank you!

    • Amber says:

      It was a very sad attempt at that…ha ha! And happy to be linking up with y’all again! Such a fun community of bloggers :)

  6. amberomega says:

    i still can’t stop laughing…and I’m holding myself. -jody
    amberomega recently posted..Week-In-ReviewMy Profile

  7. amberomega says:

    i can’t stop laughing. i might pee myself.
    amberomega recently posted..Week-In-ReviewMy Profile

  8. Mindy says:

    AMBER. This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing out loud and totally distracted from what I sat down to do at the computer. You have always made me laugh but this might take the cake. Miss you so much. Maybe we can re-unite with Syl one day soon. I love your writing and I keep meaning to tell you how much I appreciate your story and the way you share it. I wish we lived closer to live through this stage of life together :)

    • Amber says:

      Mindy!!! So good to hear from you. Happy that I can still make you laugh even though we are far way :) I miss you too! Yes, a reunion would be awesome! Going to Texas anytime soon?

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