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Chop chop {new haircut reveal}

Before you see my new hair, I took a few pictures right before the cut. Let’s enjoy them together…shall we? This is me looking in the mirror, realizing how gross my hair is. Here I am gazing out the window, … Continue reading

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some days like today {and the promise of tomorrow}

Some days I wake up refreshed and happy. Some days I am showered and dressed before my kids get out of bed. Some days I am energized and feel like I can conquer the world. Some days I have vision … Continue reading

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Medical Monday: The most important thing to do as a resident’s wife

I recently received an email from a stay-at-home mom and intern’s wife, asking how we made it work {financially} during residency. Ha! Well, I am not the one to answer that question. We pretty much did it all wrong. I … Continue reading

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A letter to my teenage self

Dear Teenage Me, Honestly, I avoided writing this letter because let’s face it…we both know you will do things the way you want to do them anyway. But for what it’s worth, here are a few things I wish I … Continue reading

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The one thing I will never say to my kids

There are things I find myself saying to my kids I never thought I’d say. Stop licking your sister.┬áNo you can not go ride your bike without pants on.┬áStop wiping boogers on the dog. And don’t kiss the dog like … Continue reading

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