From Washington to Alabama {The Flags of My Life revisited}

I first posted this about six months ago. After having a conversation with my husband today, it came to mind.

Here ya go. Enjoy….


In 1991 Washington state celebrated it’s bi-centennial.  It was a fabulous year for the state with parades and parties every weekend. OK, not really.

The reason I remember this monumental year was because in one of my classes we were to draw a picture of the state flag as part of a report.  No big deal, right?


Washington State Flag


Um, you try drawing that presidential face. *Wonky* wouldn’t even come close to the description of my artistic interpretation. Why couldn’t I live in a state with an easier flag to draw?!


As luck would have it, I eventually would.

Actually a few.

After living here during college…..


California State Flag


(which also would have been difficult for me to draw),

I married me a Texan. Yee Haw!


And we all know about Texas pride and how Texans LOVE their flag.


Texas State Flag


(and FYI: people in Texas don’t ride horses everywhere and I never once saw a tumbleweed…not that I ever thought that or anything. )


I didn’t think anyone could plaster their state flag on as many things as they did until we moved to the Palmetto state.


South Carolina State Flag


(and FYI: You might think it looks like a palm tree…which it totally is…but don’t even think about calling it that. It’s a palmetto tree).

South Carolinians take state pride to a whole new level, or at least flag pride, if there is such a thing.

You can find this image on just about any piece of merchandise, clothing, product you can imagine. I’m not kidding. There is even a store, dedicated to all things South Carolina.

But you can see why, right? It’s totally cute. I dropped my Texas pride and adopted this one instantly.


So naturally, when I found out we were moving to Tennessee,  I couldn’t wait to see what their flag looked like.

{Side note: I am fully aware that that is not the first thing people look up when they are moving to a new place, but after living in the last two states, I was excited to see my new flag identity.}


Tennessee State Flag


Um, so yeah.

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed. Ok, a lot disappointed. I guess there isn’t much that can top the cute palmetto moon of South Carolina.

But it was OK, I could work with this…pretty basic and had the traditional red, white, and blue. At least my kids will be able to draw this for a school project.

But seriously, in the 3 years we have lived here, I have never seen this flag displayed anywhere. Anywhere! I’m assuming it’s flying downtown at the capitol building. You would hope.


Then last fall (out of the blue!), I found out we will be moving to Alabama. (And no, we are not military. We’re medical and I don’t recommend it.)

WHAT?! Alabama??? Whoa!

My brother didn’t make it any better when he said, “Dude. Amber, you’re moving to the dirty south.”

But that’s kinda how I felt. (Sorry peeps of Alabama…or I mean Alabamians? or is it Alabamites? I guess I should learn this as I may become one sooner than later!)

Anyway, so after the initial shock, I calmed down.

Though I was not thrilled (at all!) with this move, I thought… There is hope! Maybe Alabama has a flag worthy of displaying on my car.

I whipped out my phone and googled “Alabama State flag”

and what to my wondering eyes should appear…





Alabama State Flag



’nuff said.

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5 Responses to From Washington to Alabama {The Flags of My Life revisited}

  1. Suzanne says:

    well, now i’ve figured out the mystery…you’re posts are so funny and I cant believe I haven;t had the time to catch up!

    You’ll do fine with your move, you at least have a FAMILY with you…remember that….and for whatever it’s worth, I had a friend who lived there and really liked it and my aunt/uncle go every winter..not that you want to hang w/ retirees, but they love it and say its beautiful!

    Hang in there, maybe after the shock of actually MOVING it will be better? just think you can get to have a new house and decorate all over again?? I’d LOVE that part…

    LOVE and MISS you!

  2. That is a terrible, awful flag.

    Where in Alabama are you living? That is where Zach did his NASA internship. He said that Huntsville is pretty nice, but you get outside of the city limits and it was crazy land. Walmart was everything the extreme stereotype image of it could be, and more, every time he went. However, in Huntville itself there is some awesome Indian food. (bunch of NASA nerds running around, so there is culture there)

    I do think I have you beat on difficulty of a state flag to draw. Check out the Kansas flag sometime.
    Jennifer Schrag Zaccagni recently posted..Autumn GloryMy Profile

  3. Brittney says:

    X marks the spot!

  4. Yup!!! Just got back from another trip down to Charleston and there was the image of the state flag. They do love their city and I can certainly understand why. However, why is housing so gosh, darn expensive? Waaaaaaaa!!!!
    kadee metzger recently posted..Flea Market GiveawayMy Profile

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