Why I should not be a parent

I have some awesome daughters. Really, I do.

Ask anyone that knows them.

I’m not bragging when I say this. It’s just the truth.

And it’s not because of anything I have done. They were just born that way. Awesome.

I may be wiser (sometimes), but they are much more responsible.

(I really should be too embarrassed to share this, but apparently I am way beyond shame…)

From the 8 year old going on 16:

walking into my room one morning: “Mom, I will pay you to keep your room clean.”

in regards to the dishwasher: “And by the time I get home from school today, the dishes need to be put away.”

“I fed Daisy. Now you just need to feed us.”


From the 10 year old going on 20:

“Mom, look…. I’m putting my folder right here on the island so you can sign it. See? Right. here. Mom! Folder. Here. OK?”

at 6:45am by my bed fully dressed: “Mom, I fed us all breakfast and packed our lunches. You can just sleep in today.”

“The boys are in their pajamas and I read them a few books. They just want you to sing them a song and kiss them goodnight.”


Now I need to show them how to do the laundry and I will be good to go!


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4 Responses to Why I should not be a parent

  1. Kris says:

    Oh my gosh … How can I adopt them?

    From my 16 year old daughter: This house is a mess. Why don’t you clean it up, mom? I’m too embarrassed to have my friend over today.
    Me: Maybe if you are embarrassed, you could start with your bedroom … and then pick up all of your crap lying all over the living room … oh, and clean up your breakfast dishes, put back the cereal and milk you used ….
    Kris recently posted..Medical Mondays: The crazy phoneMy Profile

  2. Brittney says:

    These are examples of why you are a great parent…. You must be doing something right for them to exhibit such responsibility!

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