Brain Dump: topic ideas, a blog hop & a pet coyote {my ADD is acting up again}

I have found I really love spewing out words onto the computer screen.

Or, as some call it…writing. Or blogging.

This little place on cyber space has been great. It clears my mind and I can sleep better at night. Plus, my husband doesn’t have to listen to my “epiphanies” and nonsense, like why I think dog is God spelled backwards. It’s a win-win.

But lately,there are so many things I want to share that I get so overwhelmed, I just freeze and don’t write anything. It’s not good for my brain as it’s reaching capacity real quickly.

So here are some topics that apparently I have be dying to tell you about. If you tell me which ones you might be interested in reading, then I may just be a little more motivated to actually complete some… or one!

But until then, I’m dumping the ideas out to make a little more room in my noggin.

The Secret to being Skinny

Throwing my kids to the wolves

Dolly  Parton

Seasons of the heart

Medical terminology (intern, resident, fellow…oh my!)

why you need to build a wall (boundaries!)

Getting through the crap (of life)

Best times to have kids during medical training years

50 Shades of Gray {book review} – yes, I read it. Go ahead…judge me all you want.

Going to a camp for grown-ups (Brave Girls Club)

My 6 best friends last year

What dog(s) and God have in common

Apathetic America

I’m moving to Africa for all the wrong reasons

Pain in the midst of joy

Sex on a plane (this has nothing to do with the mile-high club)

my post par-dumb depression

The time I tried to be God (and why birds don’t like me)

Misty Paladora* 

10 things you don’t know about me

5 books you should not read (cause they’ll mess you up, and no, it’s not 50 shades)

Organizations I love

a tutorial (on what, I’m not sure)

a vlog (video-blog) (again, not sure about what…any ideas?)

Why my kids should be the parent

So there.

Anything interest you in particular?

Please do share. I’m serious. Leave a comment with your favorite. I need a swift kick in the boo-tay to get focused again. Otherwise I’m going to go watch Captain American and Downton Abbey for the next week.

OH!!!! I almost forgot!! I am co-hosting a blog hop on Monday. (I really don’t know what that means, but I think it has something to do with some blogs and hopping around). It’s called Medical Mondays with Your Doctor’s Wife and From a Doctor’s Wife.

So if you have a blog that has anything to do with the medical world, you can link one of your posts. {I think that is correct, not totally sure.} If you don’t have a medical blog, no worries. You get to be the one to hop around the interwebs checking out new stuff {only if you wanna}. So be sure to check back in. On Monday. For Medical Monday blog hop.

And last but not least….

Is he not the cutest? I kinda want this guy.

How much fun would it be to have him sitting in my front yard? Or hiding in the bushes? Maybe then it would deter people from knocking on my door while the baby is sleeping!

I think it would be really awesome to put him on the kids’ bed so when they wake up in the morning they have a panic attack are so excited to play with a real life stuffed coyote. Cause I’m a fun mom like that.

But sadly, I don’t have $550 to spend.

And plus, it would probably make Daisy jealous.

But just in case you want him…you can buy him here.

peace out,


*This is not a blog topic. It’s just my porn name…you know, the one where you take your first pet’s name and the name of the first street you lived on? I think mine is pretty good ;) Just wanted to share. You’re welcome.

and FYI: if you are tired of coming back to this site you can subscribe to get this in your email every time I write something of value. Just put your email in the upper-right hand box.

One more thing: If you’re on Facebook, I’ve got a little page over there. “Like” away!

My brain feels much lighter. Thanks for tolerating listening to me, sweet friend.

I’m done now.

For reals.

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13 Responses to Brain Dump: topic ideas, a blog hop & a pet coyote {my ADD is acting up again}

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    オークリーゴーグル recently posted..オークリーゴーグルMy Profile

  2. Kris says:

    LOL. With the weekend I’ve had, I’d love to read the one about throwing your kids to the wolves … then I won’t feel quite so badly about myself! :)
    Kris recently posted..What has surprised you …My Profile

    • Amber says:

      it’s probably not as entertaining as you hope it would be. Don’t worry about your weekend…my WHOLE week last week was…um, I’d rather forget. Or really, one I hope my kids forget ;)

  3. christy says:

    all of them. i like the drawing an idea out of a hat….well, review of 50 shades first….then random !!! :)

  4. Ali Campbell says:

    ummm….Is sex on a plane like snakes on a plane…. ooo and grown up camp… I want that one!!!!
    * Pooky SanMarie
    and I am so with you… I freeze up and NEVER end up writing… or I write it out in my brain in the car and it never gets to the computer

    • Amber says:

      I write them out in my head while I’m driving too. I hope you keep up blogging. Truly, cause I want to follow your journey…and you make me laugh!

  5. Miriam says:

    Put all the topics in a hat and draw one – then write your heart out! I would love to read any and all!!

  6. WZM says:

    5o Shades of Gray – I don’t know much about it except that it has something to do with sex and dress-up or bondage(?), that there was controversy about some libraries having it, and that at our library system it had the highest number of holds(wait list) I had seen since the final Harry Potter book.

    Pain in the Midst of Joy

    Time I tried to be God (birds don’t like me)

  7. I want to hear your review of 50 shades. I, too, read it and I did not have the same reaction as many people seem to have, and it wasn’t because I found it offensive. (well, except for the writing quality, that was sort of offensive, but it did provide entertainment in an unintended way. lol)
    Jennifer Schrag Zaccagni recently posted..Autumn GloryMy Profile

  8. amberomega says:

    I can’t choose!!! Throw a dart…write sweet friend write. We love it!!
    amberomega recently posted..Week-In-ReviewMy Profile

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