Beyond {and my dog issues}

OK, something new here for me. I found this blog a while ago and saw that she has a fun writing activity every Friday. Did anyone ever do 5 minute writes in school? I remember doing them often in Mrs. Bell’s 5th grade. Ah, memories.

Ok, moving along…Well, I kept forgetting about her 5-minute Friday challenge and so I kept missing it. But alas, my friends, my brain worked for a moment today and somehow through the fuzz in that skull I was able to find her site again.

So, she picks a word and you have to set your timer for 5 minutes and write about that one word…whatever comes to mind. No backtracking or editing. This was quite the challenge, but really fun! Ok, so here is my 5-minute thought.

And the word is: BEYOND


I know I’ve told you this before, but my house is a mess. It seems with the husband gone, I let it all go. Just too tired at the end of the day, or really I would rather sit at the computer and pour my thoughts out onto a screen. But if you were to walk in my house, step over the toys, wade through the pile of laundry, what would you find? Would you be able to see beyond the mess? Would you be able to see the love our family has for one another? Would you see the fun and laughter that we share under this roof? Would you be able to hear beyond the noise? Would you be able to hear the little foot step of my toddling two year old, the pages turning as my oldest reads yet another book. Would you be able to hear the paint brush across the canvas as my daughter creates another masterpiece. Or would you just hear the Wii blasting Mario olympics as my 5 year old perfects his gaming skills (ha! I had to put that in there). I wouldn’t blame you cause, seriously, I have a hard time hearing past that!  And even through those things…could you see beyond the smiling faces, the hugs and laughter. Would you be able to see our family struggles, our weaknesses, our marital issues. Or would you walk in my house and just be blinded by the chaos we call life. My hope is that others


There you are my friends. A raw, unedited 5 minutes of my brain.

Full Disclosure: I had to stop 3 minutes and 27 seconds into it because Daisy kept barking. I usually would ignore her except that the kids are sleeping!!! I went to look for her and found her like this.

So here’s the deal….My dog has sensory issues. I wish I were joking. A few years ago, she started getting all freaked out about certain surfaces and so occasionally this sensory issue acts up. And it is usually leaves her stuck on the stairs. I have to put a towel or rug below the bottom step so she doesn’t have to walk directly onto the wood floor.

I told you she was crazy…Crazy Daisy!

And I wanted test to see if you could see beyond the flip flops and clothes on the stairs ;)

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22 Responses to Beyond {and my dog issues}

  1. Amber says:

    I’m glad it made you smile, Denise.
    P.S. is that your sweet puppy on your blog? it’s adorable!

  2. Jennifer Schrag Zaccagni says:

    My house is routinely a mess too, especially in the summer. It is slightly better when the kids are in school, but until last year, it was a rare thing.

    The way you respected Daisy and helped her was the perfect demonstration of why I respect and care about you so much. So many people don’t take sensory stuff seriously, even in people, and to see you aware enough to recognize what is happening, and care enough to help with solutions, just warms my heart. You are awesome.

    • Amber says:

      Oh Jennifer- I think you are giving me way too much credit. I just really love my dog! And I am familiar with sensory things because my oldest struggles with it too. I didn’t realize what it was until my sister’s son was in OT.

  3. Barbie says:

    Stopping over from the 5 Minute Friday. I am often afraid to have people over, because I fear they will not see beyond my mess — my messy house and my messy life. I pray that when they do visit, they will see me, the girl God created beyond all the stuff!

    • Amber says:

      Right there with ya, Barbie! Have you heard of the Fly Lady? She calls a messy house CHAOS- Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome :) I have that sydrome and fight against it often. Just like you, I want people to see my heart beyond the “stuff.”

  4. I am glad you remembered to post today. I enjoyed it. It’s such a good reminder to always be looking beyond what our eyes see. So often we just judge with our eyes instead of looking with our hearts. Visitor from Gypsy mama.

  5. Hayden says:

    My insensitive soul actually shed a tear while reading and I’m not post call. Looking forward to being with my family this weekend to look past the mess and savor life, cause yes, it is precious and fleeting

    • Amber says:

      Brace yourself and just remember the feeling you had reading this post when you walk in the door tonight ;) Can’t wait to see you!

  6. I am visiting from Lisa Jo’s and boy am I glad that I did. This is great. Love the real, the honest, the raw, the authentic. And sweet Daisy. Oh my. Glad to be here today. Hope to see you again around on Fridays or otherwise blogging. And yes, I too hope others see past the messes to the love and the JOY. Glad to meet you and Daisy.

  7. Nics Cahill says:

    We would see you. Anyone who can’t see beyond the daily stuff of living, has no vision. I was brought up in a chaotic household, but one that everytime someone came to visit, they said ‘I love it here’ they loved the atmosphere my mum created, the fact that she cared more about her life, her family, her visitors, her animals, people – than the stuff of daily life.

    I am so glad you have signed up for Five Minute Fridays,. great to have you here

  8. Denise says:

    Thanks for making me smile.

  9. Brittney says:

    Love you. Always enlightening, giving me things to think about, and never fail to name me laugh out loud. Did you call me today? :)

  10. My mom has a crazy dog named Daisy, too. Also, I have let my house go for the entire summer! I doubt you could see beyond the mess–it’s way to distracting. Example: yesterday I found a pair of shorts in the middle of the back yard. ??????????

    • Amber says:

      oh Amy. You make me laugh! at least you can walk into your backyard…mine is an amazon, hasn’t been mowed for weeks. Oh well.

  11. Nikki says:

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday– I wrote for the first time last Friday. :-) It’s hard for me, to stop editing myself for even five minutes. You did a great job, though, and I think we all (or nearly all) have houses that aren’t as clean, or quiet, or whatever, as we think that they “ought” to be.

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