#iwantmypantiesback {my day in hashtags}

Remember a while ago when I wrote about how I lost my big girl panties? But then I said I was ok with it and didn’t think I needed them as long as…. how did I put it…oh right, “as long as I have an ear to listen, some arms to hug me, and a few understanding and encouraging words?” #blahblahblah #whataloadofcrap  #dontbelievewhatiwrite

(and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read it here.)


Today, reality set in.  #thissucks #realitybites

It was just me and the kids. #alldaylong #nomorevisitors #whereismynanny

I even tried to be a fun mom and have a friend sleep over for the girls…come to find out that the last time this friend spent the night I never fed her breakfast .  #momfail  #istarvechildren

My friend came over to hang out for a little bit. My house is a mess. And I mean a real mess. She washed my dishes. I don’t think she did it to be nice as much as she did it because it totally disgusted her. #totallyembarassing #homemakerfail #whereisthemaid #idontblameher

I won’t even get into the afternoon fiasco. #sparemethedetails

But I did take the kids to the pool in the evening. #summerbath #lazymombath #atleastwegotoutofthehouse

I don’t remember if I fed them dinner. #istarvechildren #whereismychef 

They are all in bed now. #sleepingkidsaremyfavoritekindofkids #pleasedontwakeuptonight

Tomorrow is a new day. #dayone #freshstart #sayaprayerforme

Oh, and I’m out of milk.  #toobadimnotstillbreastfeeding #moo






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17 Responses to #iwantmypantiesback {my day in hashtags}

  1. natalie hansen says:

    You just crack me up!! #hahahahahaha XOXO

  2. Chrissie Baxter says:

    You crack me up! My oldest has taken to leaving notes from “The Fridge” to request what I run out of! Some days it feels like no matter what, it’s never enough. But I promise you that you are more than enough!!!! I love you!

    • Amber says:

      ahhh, thanks Chrissie! I should put a sticky pad on the fridge cause my oldest would do the same thing. and i need the reminders!….what we would do without our kids keep us on our toes :)

  3. Carlee vaughn says:

    If you ever find those big girl panties, please grab a pair for me too. I have had that day and am thinking it may be on repeat in the loop of days. Hang in there and know you are not alone!!

    • Amber says:

      Thanks Carlee! So good to hear from you! I think these days are stuck in the rotation too! Always good to know we aren’t alone in this. How are you guys?

  4. Sally Peterson says:

    #ilovemyfriendamber #ifeelbadcauseshetookmydaughterwhenshenevergetsabreak #sheissuchaFUNmom #herkidsaresosweet #amberisamazing #sheinspiresme

  5. fbeedesign says:

    Did you ever get your surprise package in the mail?

    • Amber says:

      yes!!! and I absolutely LOVE it!!! thank you so much for that! I know that must have been a big project. I so appreciate it.

  6. kara f. says:

    sweet mamabear…..you are doing this….day by day (:
    they will remember your LOVE! and how u keep it real! and how fun it was to take a bath @ the pool- (; I know your heart….and it’s sweeeeeeeeeeet. love you beauty…..sending peace tonight to your heart and your clan.

    • Amber says:

      oh Kara…thanks for your encouraging words. Would love to catch up sometime and see how y’all are doing.

  7. xo I love your honesty! ps- powdered milk can come in handy….:)
    I had sleep over kids ask if I had oj- ah, nope since I didn’t plan on having 3 extra kiddos sleep over- lol
    I thought I was doing good with waffles & milk! oye! Hang in there mama! xo

    • Amber says:

      Oh my love! Why didn’t I think of that?! I actually have some in the pantry. Woo hoo! Though, I’ve never actually used it to make milk…

  8. Camille Flynn says:

    dahling, everything is going to be OK. You are really doing great, whether you feel like it or not.

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