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Raising an Olympian {a tribute to my mom}

Have you watched any of the┬áP&G Olympic videos on YouTube? Did you see the one called “Best Job?” About moms? If not, go ahead and watch it now. It takes just two minutes. I’ll wait…. Done? OK. So, when I … Continue reading

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I’m a selfish brat

Things didn’t go the way I wanted. So I got mad, said something mean to my mom, then I cried. {And no, this is not being written by a 15 year old girl…I wish! Try 34… some things never change… … Continue reading

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Beyond {and my dog issues}

OK, something new here for me. I found this blog a while ago and saw that she has a fun writing activity every Friday. Did anyone ever do 5 minute writes in school? I remember doing them often in Mrs. … Continue reading

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Christianese Sucks*

I’m bilingual. Bet you didn’t know that. My first language? English, duh. My second language? Christianese. You’ve heard of Christianese, right? Well, just in case you haven’t, it’s the language that “good Christians” use. Or really, it’s how people speak … Continue reading

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#iwantmypantiesback {my day in hashtags}

Remember a while ago when I wrote about how I lost my big girl panties? But then I said I was ok with it and didn’t think I needed them as long as…. how did I put it…oh right, “as … Continue reading

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