My Wednesday Letters

When I was little, I remember watching the mailman walk from house to house hand delivering the mail (pretty sure he hit his recommended 10,000 daily steps). When I saw him coming down the street I would sit myself right behind the front door and wait for the mail to drop through the door slot.

Except our door looked nothing like this.

Email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter make it possible for us to communicate within minutes, even seconds. And although I love receiving messages from my friends through each of those …there still is something special about opening my mailbox and being greeted by a hand-addressed letter with my name on it.

Almost weekly, I tell myself that this week I am going to write to my two grandmothers. One just turned 101, and the other will be 95 (I think) next month. I never end up doing it because I think of all that I should include in the letter,  how long it will take to write it, and how I need to print up pictures to send as well. So I keep putting it off. Anyone else do this?

Well last night I decided that today, Wednesday, I am going to write them. Nothing lengthy, but just a note to say Hello, Thinking of you, and I love you.

When I woke up this morning,  this book came to mind.

I read it years ago.

It was a sweet story about a husband writing a letter to his wife every Wednesday no matter where he was.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if my husband did that too? Aw, that’s OK, sweetie, I know you’re way too busy. {And plus, you don’t even read this blog.}

Anyway, this book has nothing to do with writing letters to my grandmas, except that it’s called The Wednesday Letters, and it just so happens that I will be writing letters this Wednesday (today) as well.  Enough about that. But you should read it. I think you’ll like it.

So, I am going to stop writing on here and going to write to my g-mas.

Hoping to send a little love their way.

Won’t you join me & write someone you love today?

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