you is…

I loved this book. And I mean loved it!

I have no idea why I am talking in past tense when I still very much adore it – as in one of my all time favorite books.

A while after I read the book and saw that it was being made into a movie, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure I would want to see it. Too many times I have read a book and then watched the movie made from it, and the movie  just doesn’t quite live up to the way it played out in my head.

Our own imaginations are truly the greatest movies when reading a book.

I don’t even like reading a book where the cover has the movie actors or scenes from the film on it. I don’t want anything tainting the way in which I imagine a character or setting by the author’s description. And I don’t ever want to know too much about a book before I read it. I want it to be a surprise! Like slowly unwrapping a present. Or peeling away layers of an onion. No, more like the present.

Anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me?

I think it all stems from my mother. I remember her telling me the reason she didn’t like MTV was because she didn’t want us to be told what a song was about by watching a video. She wanted us to intrepret the meaning for ourselves. Use our own imagination. For all I know she could have totally made that up because really, she just didn’t want us watching trash that demoralizes women, but whatever the reason, I bought it.

And I fully agree.

Back to the book. Because it was so dear, I was hesitant to go see it when it came out. That dilemma was solved when my husband surprised me with a date night.

There I was…sitting in the theater…like it, or not.

Like it, doesn’t even come close.

(And I didn’t bring enough kleenex!)

Not only was it just as good as the book,  dare I say…it might even be better?

Did I just say that?!

Last night as I watched the Oscars, I was rooting for The Help.

I was thrilled that Octavia Spencer won for best supporting actress playing the role of Minny.

Though I love Meryl Streep, I feel like Viola Davis was robbed.

And of course, it should have taken the Oscar for Best Picture.

Oh well.

In both the book and the movie, the relationship that moved me most was the one between Aibileen and little Mae Mobley.

Aibileen knew the power of words. She knew that sweet little Mae Mobley was going to grow up hearing lies from the world around her…and believing them. Even from those who loved her most.  Aibileen  knew she needed to instill truth into that little girl as best she could.

These three simple sentences speak volumes of love, encouragement, and self-worth.

I tear up every time I think of them.

And don’t you forget…

yes you, beautiful soul who is reading this…

you is


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