Post #1 {because I can’t think of a good title & if I keep waiting to figure one out, I may never post anything}

You have no idea how hard this was for me to press publish.

Really. Hard.

The reason is because I want to have that beautiful, cool looking blog. Right from the beginning. With my first post. I just couldn’t imagine posting anything publicly if my blog isn’t totally completed.  If my pictures weren’t sized correctly.  If it wasn’t just Perfect. And it doesn’t help that I have no idea how to resize photos or upload whatever or format this & that.

This is a reoccuring theme in my life…If I can’t do it right away just how I want it, I won’t do it at all.

So, you know this quote?

Just the other day as I was sweeping my garage,  I had an ah-ha moment. I bet you didn’t know that sweeping your garage can really channel some deep thoughts and personal reflection. Well, it does. You should try it. Anyway,  I realized that with many things in my life, I only want the destination. I want to skip everything, skip the process so I can get to the end and be done. But be done with what exactly?

I would completely miss the journey. I would miss the evolution of me.

Whoa, this is all getting a little too deep for me.

But do you see what I’m saying?

So, I was recently talking to a couple of new friends about blogs. They said some good stuff.

One said, “Just start…start small.” Or something like. Short,sweet, and to the point. So here I am people. I am starting. I’m starting on this journey. Not starting with the destination.  I’m doing it anyway!

The other one said something about how blogs always show the best side of the people who write them. And it’s true. I look at blogs and the {usually} women who write them and I think to myself

oh, she has the perfect family


wow, she is so beautiful,

and even

holy cow, she made pink homemade pancakes in the shape of hearts outlined with strawberries and topped with a syrup smiley face for her kids on Valentine’s morning.

I think mine got the cereal crumbs.

So in an effort to be completely transparent and myself, the whole self and nothing but myself…this is how my day began…

Don’t be distracted by the messy counter top. I couldn’t figure out how to crop this thing!

Anyway, there I am. This is EXACTLY what you would have seen if you met me and my kids at the bus stop this morning. I’m not joking.

When I got home and caught a glance in the mirror, I first thought about how nasty my hair was, but then I thought of someone I kind of resembled… a someone kinda famous… a real smarty pants if you ask me.

Do you see it? The hair? We have the same hair! And mine would totally look like his if I didn’t have a date with Clairol every month.

So there you have it. The beginning of me (or at least on this blog), mistakes, small photos, ugly hair and all. Come along for the ride. And you know, if you follow this blog, you just might be following a genius. Just sayin’.

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